Month: August 2019

Installment credit with special repayment – a good thing


A borrower in the installment loan with special repayment is allowed to make an unscheduled payment during the term of the loan. The special repayment is not a problem in a installment loan and the possibility of special repayment must be specifically agreed only for example in a mortgage loan. In general, of course, every […]

Real estate credit: low rates beat new record


The Credit Housing Observatory, a reference agency in France, announces an average rate of 1.29% in May 2019. A record! An average rate of 1.29% 1.29% This is the average rate reached by mortgage loans during the month of May (excluding insurance). Why does this news make the rounds of the press reviews? Why is […]

Cash loan calculator. How to calculate loan installments?


You don’t know how to calculate loan installments? It will be best to use the available cash loan calculators . In this way you can quickly check whether the cash loan offer that the bank has presented to you is certainly as beneficial as provided by an advisor or consultant. Calculating the cost of a cash loan, when the bank […]

Credit redemption: how to calculate your future monthly payments?


  You want to redeem credit but the approach scares you a little? No problem, our credit pooling simulator allows you to have an overview of your next monthly payments and your debt ratio. What is the credit redemption? Little reminder. The repurchase of credit – also called loan consolidation, debt restructuring or refinancing – […]