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Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Moving House

It’s your house moving day, and you believe you have everything covered. You’ve got your boxes, tape, beer and van. However, those things are not enough to make your move go quite right. In fact, some people do have that mentality that moving is pretty simple. Unfortunately, poor preparation for moving house can be a costly mistake. That is why the following will outline some of the moving mistakes to avoid when moving house.

Moving in summer

The equation is simple; summer means zero friends. At best, you can enlist the help of the neighbor"s son or your geek friends who spend the summer playing online games. No doubt you"ll have to sweat blood to move the refrigerator. If you don"t have friends to help you, hire Jacksonville, FL movers and they will take care almost everything for you.

Defrost the freezer the day of the move.

If you leave it to the last minute, chances are you will end up thawing the ice with a hairdryer, for hours! You will also no longer have time to clean up your fridge. If you fail to clean up your fridge before you move, you will have a bad time when you get to your new house.

Fill up huge boxes

It seems easy; fewer boxes mean fewer trips. In the end, it is a bad idea. In your fourth trip, lumbago hits you with a whiplash.

So no, do not fill one box with the pressure cooker, books, encyclopedias and small TV.

Dismantle any Ikea furniture (without taking notes).

You keep on telling yourself, “Do not worry, it will be easy to assemble again." Do yourself a favor and don’t fool yourself. There will be lots of plugs, nuts, and bolts that you will forget where they should be installed. If it is difficult to assemble it with a manual, imagine putting it back again without it.

Load the moving boxes in the truck first.

Moving boxes are practical; they are easy to slide and can be stacked. However, keep in mind that it will be harder to load heavy and bulky objects such as a refrigerator inside the truck if it is already half full. Load the moving boxes last since they are easy to load anyway. Let the professionals do it, Ponte Vedra, FL movers knows the best sequence of loading packages in the truck.

Failure to warn your neighbors about your move

It is best to notify neighbors few days before hand that there will be a lot of activity during your moving day. If you live in a condominium or apartment the unexpected visit of staff from moving company that will help with the move, elevators will busy for quite some time, and of course, the noise from the moving of different items will cause inconvenience to your neighbors.

Don’t mind the “rush hour."

If you didn’t plan your moving time, you might end up leaving during rush hour. A simple 15-minute drive to cross the city can take up to two hours. Needless to say, it will be an unpleasant experience.

Simply write “several" or “stuff” when you label boxes

You might be in a rush to finish what you are doing so that you can hang out with your friend. When you get to your new house, your wrench will end up next to the medicine cabinet, or you"ll be looking for three hours for the alarm clock among those boxes.

To think that wrapping things up with a newspaper page is sufficient

Doing this will certainly save you time, but when you find your favorite team glasses shattered, you"ll regret it. For the most delicate objects, use bubble wrap aside from wrapping them with crumpled newspaper.

You forgot that your dog has to move too

With all the things you are preparing for the move, it"s easy to forget about your pet.

Visit your vet before the moving day to make sure your pet has all certificates in order and proper identification. Ask for recommendations for travel medicine. Your pet could throw up on the way if the trip is too long.

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