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Moving Tips For You and Your Dog

Moving can result in two outcomes – a perfect success and a horrific failure. You might be struggling which room to pack first and going through the amount of stuff in your house. Maybe you"re even contemplating on going DIY on the whole move or hiring movers in Jacksonville, FL to get the job done. Now, to add to the mix, you have your furry friend who needs to cope with the whole situation of relocating.

Dogs can feel the heightened stress of moving and might feel uncomfortable during the process. They can sense if something is up especially if you rummage through boxes and packing items. We gladly share some tips that would make your move stress-free for both you and your lovely pet.

Take time in packing.

Dogs can quickly notice any changes around your house. Just the sight of boxes might make your pet curious and react differently. To ease their agitation, try to complete your packing one at a time. Of course, you need to do this with a timeline, so that you won"t procrastinate days before your moving date. Careful planning can do some justice here. Subtle changes are not as shocking as drastic ones.

Keep daily routines.

Dogs stick with consistency, and because of this, it"s important to maintain your daily activities with your dog. You might expect an undesirable behavior if ever you disrupt the rituals that your dog is used to. Take some time to let your pet enjoy morning walks and give meals at without delay. If you want, you can create a schedule, where you can squeeze in both your packing and time with your dog at the same time.

Secure your dog during the moving date.

You need to isolate your dog in a safe and quiet room while the apartment moving company do their best in moving your stuff. You need to keep the door closed, and you may even place a sign to let people know never to open the door. Leave your pet with enough food, water, and some toys to keep him entertained the whole time.

Update your dog"s id tag.

Make sure you update the information such as your new address and phone numbers, on your dog"s id tag. You can never be sure when your dog would be lost in your new area and having current details on the id will make you feel less troubled.

Hold off exploring for now.

Once you arrived at your new residence, you might want to keep your dog inside a room until you"ve done unpacking. Just being in the situation where people move in and out is enough for a dog to feel agitated and uncomfortable. If the new place is making him anxious, have someone he knows stay and play with him. You can also unpack toys and items that your pet is familiar with to ease his anxiety.

It"s important as well to make sure that your new house is dog proof. Some items on half-open boxes might become instant chew toys for your pet.

Explore the area together.

A new place can be a bit of a shock for most dogs. You can take some long walks with your dog around the neighborhood to help your pet adapt to the new surroundings. While you"re at it, you can even meet new neighbors and maybe ask them for any good dog parks and reputable vets in the area. Keep your dog on a leash at all times.

Just remember to stay positive about moving and make this an exciting experience for your pet. Keep this tips in mind to smoothly relocate along with your furry friend.


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