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Simple Preparations Before The Moving Day

Moving can quickly become a nightmare. Still, there are steps to follow to make life easier. It"s all about the organization so that the moving day will not be stressful.

Gather cardboard boxes

Packaging is the big word of the move. Supermarkets regularly throw cartons. You can ask them to put some aside. It is better to gather them in advance. Clementine, 24, is sharing his tip: “A week before my move, I had made a schedule to collect cartons few days before the big day. Then I asked help from my parents who lived next to our new apartment."

Avoid busy periods

From May to September is the busy season of moving companies. Professional movers know this: their prices are between 30 and 40% higher during this time. So if you can, choose a slow period if you will use the services of professional movers. Also, prices are also higher on weekends. Ideally, move during the weekdays, even take 2 or 3 days off.

On second thought, forget the movers

You made a plan to move on weekdays. If the off peak season estimates of the movers still make you cringe, ask help from friends. The thing is how to convince them. “I brought all our band mates to come help us make a move with pastries and lunch," says Clementine. Damien, 28, relocation expert after moving four times in 5 years, says that friends are both “to help on departure and arrival."

Carefully plan your packaging

Packaging can quickly become an obstacle course. What to put in what and where? Clementine offers to “prepare the cartons and put them into categories to have less difficulty when removing them. Label the boxes containing fragile items so that so that they will be handled with care."

The key is to do it in advance and anticipate the move.

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